Forest Cavern

by thinkTank
created Aug 27, 2013
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map notes
Another map, there's a couple easter eggs to be found in this one


Probably not Towelie
said Aug 27, 2013
Dude, could have been a great level if I didn't miss the dust at the beginning of EVERY DASH CEILING. C'mon man don't put the dust at the bottom of them, hasn't anyone realized that if you dash at the bottom you don't get the stuff there? I mean that one thing made me hate the entire level because I was getting a full completion my first try and then I hit that one slope close to the end and missed almost all of the dust on it. Worst moment ever.
Probably not Towelie
said Aug 27, 2013
There... now I can rest in peace. Just please..... everyone...... stop putting dust at the bottom of the dash ceilings. I like boosting :(
said Aug 27, 2013
I feel you man. Boosting is fun! :D
said Aug 27, 2013
This is more of a personal gripe but I really dislike the hedgehog spike mechanics. The rest of the level was solid.
said Aug 27, 2013
hehehe I liked finding the easter egg :D And also the map, you did some really interesting things like the dropping foxes, the jumps and dashes were really smooth I think. Nice!
said Aug 28, 2013
The dropping foxes part would be better if their hitboxes made sense at all while falling. Apparently they're actually significantly below their sprites.
said Aug 28, 2013
this. that shit threw me for a loop
said Aug 27, 2013
Really nice map! I feel i kinda have a love-hate relationship with those 2 hedgehogs before the foxes. they're damn furiating but i love a challenge as long as it's not unfair or dumb.
And Towelie has a very valid point.
said Aug 31, 2013
The fox stuff was pretty clever. Not a bad map!

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