Maplers Daily Shit Map 8

by mapler90210
created Aug 9, 2013
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map notes
I made an autoscroller. And it's painfully slow. Marksel you should look for the secret it's basically made for you.

So I missed a day. Oops. Going to be away this weekend unless things go wrong, won't be able to make shit maps until Monday.

For the record this was originally longer, but after a while the editor wouldn't save the node if I moved it further away.

EDIT: Huh. Looks like I forgot to check how many prisms were there when I had to shorten the map. So much for the autoscroller.
edited Aug 9, 2013


said Aug 9, 2013
Why, just, why
said Aug 9, 2013
Bad taste, that's why. If it makes you feel any better, you apparently don't need the prism to get through the level. Even for an SS
said Aug 10, 2013
The damn apple hahaha, props to Tropicallo for pulling it off.
said Aug 9, 2013
a checkpoint would have been nice.
said Aug 10, 2013
Moving objects turn back towards their spawn location. you load a checkpoint. Would've been fun waiting for it to come back in the right direction.
said Aug 10, 2013
you don't need an apple to SS this :O
all you need is a vacuum.

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