by Metal Shadow
created Jul 28, 2013
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map notes
My first map, so any and all critique is welcome. I tried to make it so its easy to go through, but requires harder stuff to get a good time. Note that it is better optimized and better flow for Dustman and Dustgirl. Dustworth and Dustkid have a bit more of a awkward time with it.

There is a hidden little spot. Even has a message announcing it.
edited Jul 28, 2013


said Jul 29, 2013
Really nice level! Fun and well designed.
Found the secret!
edited Jul 29, 2013
said Jul 29, 2013
damn i found ze easter egg!
said Jul 29, 2013
I liked this one!
btw, i think i found a better any% route can anyone check it?
edit: Dafuq? http://postimg.org/image/5nm1l24h1/
edit2: I think its a bug with the dash-jump...
edited Jul 29, 2013
Metal Shadow
said Jul 29, 2013
Woah, good job using that block. I put it in just to fill the space. Never thought it would be used!
said Mar 12, 2014
I found the face.

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