Night Aerial

by SW
created May 28, 2013
321 views | 648 downloads

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map notes
Similar to the Difficult maps, but this map is not nearly as technically difficult.

There are few horizontal platforms. You progress by hitting bulbs and jumping off vertical surfaces. Some jumps are tricky, but once you learn the trick, they're easy to do.

The level is rather short.
There is a spike jump near the end, but it's an obvious one.

Changes from 'Aerial':
* Checkpoints and the start flag deposit you on the platform, not above it.
* Fixed a small annoyance that could sometimes cause an enemy to splatter on an unreachable surface.
* Changed the color scheme and redecorated. There are a few color transitions now, but they shouldn't affect the visibility of the map and/or objects. If there are any more problems, let me know.
* Removed around half of the checkpoints. There was too many.
For future reference, it's really important for me to know how difficult you think the map is.

Also, thank you for the ratings :)
edited May 28, 2013


said May 28, 2013
I must honestly say I liked your previous color scheme much more (not sure for visibility, but it was a really defining feature and pretty imo), anyway, it's a nice map for sure.
said May 28, 2013
Good job, looks a lot better now (though you didn't have to do away with the daylight scheme). :>
said May 28, 2013
Aww. A daylight scheme returns when you get to the area before the spike jump. :)

Also the night background of the map is somewhat different than what I saw in the editor
There was a subtle gradient and stars...

Also, I'm glad to see my hard-earned best time has been thoroughly beaten.
I'm not actually very good at this game :(
said May 28, 2013
re: the gradient problem and stars

there's some sort of bug in the editor that prevents triggers with stars from properly activating. i usually double up on the trigger (two identical triggers right on top of each other) and that usually fixes it.

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