Left Index

by Kuroonehalf
created May 25, 2013
238 views | 664 downloads

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map notes
I apologize in advance for it looking ugly as sin.

edit: I apologize for forgetting to put a patch of dust after the apple part (which made it unnecessarily hard to SS). Sorry race folks. I was planning on fixing and re-uploading it but due to popular demand I am keeping it as is.
edited May 25, 2013


said May 25, 2013
Neat map, like the apple strategy
said May 25, 2013
Surprised this has only 3 hearts, maybe the difficulty turned some people off but its really well designed if you don't mind putting some time into it. Good stuff Kuro.
said May 25, 2013
Yeah some parts are a bit finicky and you properly won't enjoy it very much if you can't pull them off. And thanks!
Probably not Towelie
said May 26, 2013
You and your hax :/
said May 27, 2013
What do you mean? :o

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