Sound Death

by WBojangles
created May 12, 2013
354 views | 684 downloads

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map notes
Level design isn't very focused, I think??? I mostly just care about the way it looks / sounds but feel free to critique gameplay

Why does nobody use formatting?

Camera manipulation, the skill of the ancients, has still not been bestowed upon me
edited May 12, 2013


said May 12, 2013
I really like it, as most prism hack/slash maps. There are some camera issues if you don't land at the first place you can land at, that was quite annoying.
said May 12, 2013
Neat level, I like the colors. Only bad thing is the camera.

Edit: Didn't see ABoss's message, now I see how to make the camera work.
edited May 12, 2013
said May 12, 2013
hmm just now, I tried putting the map in the editor to see what is up with that. Apparently there is a leniency option for each camera node, and for that particular node it it set a bit off. If you cut the corner you don't fully trigger the node or something. It is pretty interesting I had no idea how that works and that a leniency option was even available :D
said May 12, 2013
Oh yeah.. I can't change camera leniency because scroll wheel doesn't work in Linux. Aaaa so that is my excuse for all camera woes now
said May 12, 2013
gargoyle climbing section was annoying, but the rest was pretty legit. color scheme was nice. good work homes
said May 12, 2013
Cool level dude.
said Jun 23, 2013
Pretty cool level, yeah i had a bit of trouble with the climbing part to maybe it was just me but the gargoyles are always a bit above you and the upslash can hit two of them throwing off the whole thing.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to your levels, the game is even more rewarding.

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