Laboratory Disco Party

by DreadBot
created Apr 15, 2013
288 views | 582 downloads

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map notes
Enjoy the new map


said Apr 15, 2013
Hm, heavy attacking the glob at the end caused my game to crash.

Design is a bit chaotic, and some parts were annoying.  The three prism jump in particular, since it feels like one should be able to normal attack the last prism, but one has to heavy attack it, or at least I did with Dustman.  The last glob was also an issue, since if you miss it and don't have a super ready you have to start over.

Otherwise alright.  I did like the disco party secret. :3
said Apr 15, 2013
The ending could definitely use some work. Thanks for the help!
said Apr 15, 2013
The end is so cheesable lol. Otherwise good map!
said Apr 15, 2013
Yeah after watching your run of it I saw how cheesable the end is. I appreciate it!
said Apr 16, 2013
Background layers were a bit hard for me to tell apart from which were solid platforms, other then that fun to play.

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