by Treacl
created Mar 25, 2013
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map notes
Kinda chilly.


said Mar 25, 2013
solid map.  only minor gripe is the top platform is a bit long and theres a lot of extra dust that prevents you from groundboosting and makes it a bit boring.
said Mar 25, 2013
At sight I thought this would an easy map, but it is actually quite challenging, one minor slip-up and you lose the SS score. I like it.
Spoon Pandemic
said Mar 25, 2013
Some parts felt quite awkward. That's probably just me though. Also I would have liked some more death boxes because I really don't like falling through the whole level; but again probably just me. And the end sprint is way too long. BUT, it's still a nice level which I'm gonna come back and ss later because I can't let it beat me...
said Mar 26, 2013
I agree with the lack of death boxes, I had trouble with this one and having to fall way down a lot was frustrating :(. The end was really pretty though
said Mar 29, 2013
The reason I left out Death boxes is because on a previous level I made I got a few complaints about it being annoying that a lot of speed running options were destroyed because of too many death boxes. When I was testing the level the most common death areas only seemed to have a short fall, but that was probably just me.

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