Micro Difficult

by BatElite
created Mar 9, 2013
563 views | 880 downloads

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map notes
The sequel to Milli Difficult.
The map is probably too hard and/or long, but it's difficult to balance the ratio of mega sections versus other parts while keeping enough of them.

I tested the map with all characters, but I don't recommend Dustkid for this map


said Mar 9, 2013
SA first try with dustkid the fact that you can spikejump everywhere makes the map a bit easy. without spikejumps the map is fine and a bit difficult.
Probably not Towelie
said Mar 9, 2013
EZ lol I liked it a lot, really cool looking level with a nice route
said Mar 9, 2013
Pretty cool map dude. I look forward to seeing more from you.
said Mar 9, 2013
good map!
said Mar 9, 2013
God I love this map.  The air control required is tight, but not impossible, no way am I ssing it though.
said Mar 10, 2013
Very fun map, one of my favorite difficults for sure!
said Mar 10, 2013
Perfect difficulty level. It was hard enough that it took quite a bit of practice to SS it, but not so hard that I said "fuck it" and stopped trying.

Very enjoyable map.
Kaiser Cat
said Mar 10, 2013
Shouldn't it be really easy if it's Micro difficult?
said Mar 11, 2013
The any% on this map would be so fun if it weren't for that one mid-air checkpoint :/
said Mar 13, 2013
Really really enjoyable map, keep up the good work!

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