Level Design1

by mangesh_911
created Feb 21, 2013
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map notes
Simple LEVEL DESIGN for 2 mins GAMEPLAY.


said Feb 21, 2013
Well it doesn't deserve the 1 star rating, but really, not a great level.  you used straight drops instead of ramps, which would be fine except for the fact that there's dust on almost every wall forcing the player to back track continuously. The enemies seem to be there just because, so the level doesn't flow well at all.
said Feb 21, 2013
hahahah...I know man!!! it sucks to the core..I just checked the level editor and put random things..I don't know anything about it..I published it because i wasn't able to get out of the editor!!
there are lot of things I don't know..I hope I can use your help when needed??
cheers!! :D

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