Outerspace Climb

by Jvcpro
created Feb 16, 2013
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said Feb 16, 2013
I gave this a 5 on difficultly only because of the required spike jump needed to complete this level. Spike jumping is not really a skill that everyone exactly knows. I'm not saying having spike jumps are bad, I just feel that it might scare off new players from races.

This is still a pretty great level, I tend to like prism hover maps the most out of any type of Dustforce map.
said Feb 16, 2013
The spike jump is extremely easy to skip with Dustworth and Dustkid, and is possible although difficult with Dustman/girl. I can see how it would seem required though and thanks for the input!
said Feb 17, 2013
I said screw the ss when I saw that part with the spikes, and just went for any%.  30 minutes later, I'm first one the score boards! Love this map!
said Feb 17, 2013
Glad you like it!
said Mar 7, 2014
oh dear the days when spikejumping was hard

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