Rocky Enclave

by Riokaii
created Feb 5, 2013
332 views | 733 downloads

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map notes
I think i want to start making more fighting- type levels. So this is the first result!

SS'able with all characters, There are a couple neat tricks i put in, both for the SS and the any%. have fun!

Any% and SS should be under 25 seconds

Edit; for anyone who is wondering, yes the porc almost shooting you if you dont react fast is intentional. the multiple routes are intentional. The spine hits into mobs are intentional :P
retagged Feb 5, 2013


said Feb 5, 2013
I like this one, haven't figured out a good route yet though. EDIT: You lied to me! my ss was 26 seconds!
said Feb 5, 2013
I dedicate that BEAST any% run i just did to ted. <3 dustworth

Edit:--JK marksel makes me feel inferior
edited Feb 5, 2013

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