Biology Research Lab

by Riokaii
created Feb 2, 2013
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map notes
Really started using the Props tool in this one, took much much longer then my previous maps to make. But i'm pretty happy with it. I wanted to design it around sectioned off areas where a specific subject was being observed/tested (Vines and flowers in the Level Screenshot for example)

I got a little carried away with the ending.

If you can keep your speed the level is medium length and not very complex, i was going for a more scenic aesthetic this time.

Edit- It looks like part of my finishing touches were not saved (you can notice this very easily from the wires abruptly ending for no reason)

I also forgot to give estimated level times. I am able to get every character under 45-50 seconds for the SS, and under 40sec for the any%. Have fun!
edited Feb 2, 2013


Kaiser Cat
said Feb 2, 2013
That last bit is really awkward to do quickly.
said Feb 2, 2013
I didn't feel like it was too bad, once you learn what to super and what to attack and clean.
said Feb 2, 2013
That slidey into the wire part is gay! :c
said Feb 2, 2013
said Feb 2, 2013
no it actually is; that part took me an obscene number of tries to do, especially considering its ostensibly intended difficulty.

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