Wolf Pack

by Riokaii
created Jan 30, 2013
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map notes
Evade the pack of wolves chasing you as you clean up the leaves in this grassy autumn area.

-Fixed the wolves not pathing correctly


said Jan 30, 2013
Very smart design.
said Jan 31, 2013
Thanks!, I plan to mess with the concept a bit more thoroughly in the future.
said Jan 30, 2013
I love the idea of having enemies chase you through a level, not sure I like the execution though.  The upper areas are kinda strange to access.
said Jan 30, 2013
yeah, It was basically just a proof of concept to see how it would work, Could people still go fast enough that the run was competitive? stuff like that.  The map is basically 2 things, Slide down a slope, And jump into a circular area and repeat, But i needed to create steady "slowdown" points so that you or the wolves wouldn't get separated one way or another, I wanted them to be always on your heels through the map.  I'm also not really a fan of the "construction site" any%, very fast. not really interesting. But if I had other enemies then you wouldn't have to wait to kill the wolves. You could just kill them from the beginning so it defeats the purpose of the map.  I have a few ideas on how to iterate on the concept though, and for SS runs I like it a lot.
said Feb 16, 2013
Interesting take on the way a Dustforce level plays out. Some of the wall run stuff in the upper areas is awkward, but other than that it's quite a fun map. I like the idea of a roaming goal requirement; sometimes you have to hunt the last wolf down, adding a challenge to keeping your combo.

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