giga Practice

by Dragoslove
created Jan 21, 2013
633 views | 767 downloads

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/ 10 votes

map notes
I wanted to make a map just to practice the giga walls.  This isn't really designed to be a fun or pretty map, just functional.  How many laps can you guys do?


said Jan 22, 2013
God I hate gigawalls ._.
said Jan 22, 2013
3 things:
-The gigawall completely to the left just shouldn't be there, you can skip it for any% anyway and it just screw up SS.
-The 2nd last gigawall (the one straight below the slime monster) is blocked off by the slope in the ceiling, making it super awkward to do.
-The slime monster is REALLY awkward to kill after finishing an SS run.
Other than that, I'd say it's a good idea to have people practice these.
said Jan 22, 2013
Maybe one of these days I'll finish Hideout...  :(
said Jan 22, 2013
Thanks for the comments Marksel, I may eventually turn this into a real map, and all the stuff you mentioned will be changed if I do.  Currently its just designed for me to go around in circles and no complete it, though I wanted some method of ending the level, hence the enemy.

I have to admit, I find the 5 difficulty rating pretty funny, there's a lot of harder maps on here with lower scores.  I guess people just really hate these things.
said Jan 22, 2013
I'll leave this here for whoever doesn't frequent the reddit:
said Jan 22, 2013
welp, went through and SS'd it.  was in offline mode so that anonymous SA was mine.  Slime beast is hardest part of the level. by far.  there's barely any room to dash cancel or dodge his attack so it's easy to lose combo there.

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