Pale Blue Dot

by Alexspeedy
created Jun 1
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map notes
Felt like making a map, did the gameplay yesterday, and spent most of today adding art and other polish. The idea I had in mind was to create a "slow" boost map - so no slopeboosts - and dropping a boost shouldn't be too punishing.

This is also the first time I've tried to use the zCamera trigger and I'm really happy with it. Saves me fiddling with a bunch of interest nodes to create lookahead, and honestly works way better than interest nodes would have.


If anyone feels like trying to go fast, here are some target times:

Red: 11.399 (The best time I got while testing.)
Gold: 12.000
Silver: 13.000
Wood: 15.000


said Jun 1
holy moly atlas is spoiled today, thank you alex/mosso and maybe aboss too :^)
said Jun 1
ending is a creative setup for the heavy totem :O

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