young or old

by dcbc1000
created Apr 7
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map notes
take the top path if playing worth or the bottom if playing kid. not supposed to be possible with mangirl.
edited Apr 7


said Apr 7
yes or no
said Apr 7
camera was too zoomed in on kid section so i gave up on that. Worth section just feels obnoxiously precise instead of hard. Its like trying to grind a jorf in a map. I'm throwing myself at down heavies that are so precise that it might as well be rng if I'm going to hit them. Could just say skill issue, but the map is just not for me
said Apr 7
The down-heavies and the slower pace are why I made the worth section shorter than the kid one. Funnily enough, the worth section is a bunch of dying from missing attacks and the kid section is lots of bonking ceilings. Like opposite day. The camera was because I didn't see any point showing stuff outside of the corridor since it would just be a distraction, sorry if I messed it up.
said Apr 8
dont apologize, do better

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