Crimson Boss

by Spiraler
created Mar 1
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map notes
I remember playing I Wanna Kill the Kamilia 2 in high school, and for the longest time I always really loved the crimson boss fight from the boss rush. The fight is originally from I Wanna Be the Crimson which, I never got to this fight in that game. This is as faithful a recreation as I can muster (with one very big exception). I am not sorry for this unholy abomination of a level.

For tips on how to clear this, pretty much anything that applies to the original fight can apply to this as well so you can seek out clear videos of that fight. Some quick tips:
Kill green last.
The semi-transparent blue squares are water and they refresh your air charge.

The script for the level can be found here: and as with all my scripts you are free to use anything from them as you please.

Thank you to Alexspeedy for letting me copy some of the moving platform logic from his break the targets script.
Thank you to my friend glizzy who redrew the boss sprites since I didn't feel like finding originals.
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said Mar 2
Dustforce if it was good >:)
said Mar 2
this is so awesome ty for making this

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