dcbc1000s Clunktorium 2023

by dcbc1000
created Feb 2
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map notes
This is a fix because the last upload of this map had unobtainable dust (oob enemy juggle hidden by map merge).

Repeat of description:
I thought of a fun idea for a compilation map.
I ran out of stuff to do in clunkforce that wasn't way too difficult (the 11 maps I haven't beaten or apple% grind).
So, I thought I would make a map combining all 16 of the clunk maps that I got both the time and score records in last year.
None of the maps are ridiculously hard. Maybe tower but that isn't that crazy.
This is still hell though just because of the length (and tower).
This took me days to make. Hope you enjoy it. Clunkforce needs more love.

List of maps included:
 - Clunky Combat
 - Clunky Secret Passage
 - Clunky Mezzanine
 - Clunky Caverns
 - Clunky Courtyard
 - Clunky Archive
 - Clunky Tower
 - Clunky Vacant Lot
 - Clunky Carpark
 - Clunky Warehouse
 - Clunky Forgotten Tunnel
 - Clunky Basement
 - Clunky Control
 - Clunky Ferrofluid
 - Clunky Research
 - Clunky Power Room
retagged Feb 3


said Feb 2
ran through the map with dusttracker and a bootleg noclip. Dont see any more dust you missed i think...
said Feb 7
I'd recommend avoiding using zips in this way in the future, these are very easy to clip out of. some are also only surrounded by a couple of wall tiles, a combination that causes softlocks very easily.
the aerial transitions could do without bobbing enemies (as gaining and losing height in clunk is a bit of a hassle especially without ground); dying because an enemy's bob cycle dodged your attack at the last moment isn't the kind of artificial difficulty you wanna add to a 15mn level.
brushing up on how cameras work would also help making that last transition a bit smoother, as it stands currently that drop is purely blind.

P.S.: I went ahead and put up a few runs on the individual levels between attempts, should give you more to do with clunk ;)
said Feb 8
clunky glunky chunky. MOre please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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