200m dash tryouts

by thisisnotjake
created Dec 18, 2023
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map notes
uh ztriggers  are funny but kinda hard to actually make a good map and i was busy the last two days so heres my catchup homework

borrowed script from spiralers baby park

air control map will actually be good... maybe


said Dec 18, 2023
lol, this is so bad, you basically just hold up and right and hope it doesn't break. Pressing any other buttons just slows you down. At least it was a free WR.
edited Dec 18, 2023
said Dec 18, 2023
P.S. If you are struggling, drop the right input as you see the screen scroll up and hold it again as soon as the next lap starts.
edited Dec 18, 2023
said Dec 18, 2023
You can kind of fix it by using rectangle ztriggers (double aux). and making them longer so that it's harder to miss the triggers. I managed to phase through the wall which is pretty funny.

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