by BigDiesel
created Apr 9, 2023
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map notes
Uh oh. These pillars are really small and easy to fall off of. The gaps between them go as far as you can see. And some of them are uncomfortably thin.

How did you get here? Surely you didn't fall from above, that would have killed you. How are there plants growing out of the bricks? Even with the waterfalls, it's... uncanny.

Gameplay by Spiraler, aesthetics by BigDiesel. Thanks to 52pickup, Zaandaa, Xiamul, and Kau for playtesting. Thanks to Zaandaa for hosting DLC4. There is one apple.

Gold: 19.6
Silver: 21.0
Wood: 23.0
Side leaderboard: Kid Any%

I really hope there is a way out.
edited Apr 10, 2023


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