by Ceremony
created May 1, 2012
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map notes
There's two sides to the world.
retagged May 1, 2012


said May 1, 2012
Super Administrator
The teleporter is so cool!
edited May 1, 2012
said May 1, 2012
how am i getting only D for completion???
said May 1, 2012
obviously, you are missing some. AA run:

EDIT: update seems to have introduced some new issues. I'm currently talking to the devs about it!

EDIT 2: Issue will be fixed tomorrow probably!
edited May 2, 2012
said May 1, 2012
Yeah Oehr I just got first place on your map and got the only person to get an S for style and I got every single item on the ground I even went through it just to try picking it up to see if it would change it to a S but it stuck to a D.
C. Cleveland
said May 1, 2012
same. awesome map tho. the momentum part in the beginning is so sweet
Hextech Pon3
said May 2, 2012
I hate everything about the first jump after the teleporter.  Other than that this is pretty amazing.
said May 2, 2012
I love the trash in the background at the beginning, like your cleaning up at a landfill.
said May 2, 2012
Is something wrong with the map? I go to the teleporter part and it just acts like I died and restarts the level...
said May 2, 2012
listen to the scientist...
said May 3, 2012
enjoyed it a lot! keep up the great work!
said Jan 14, 2013
Absolutely love this map! Except you can't get an S for completion :( It never goes above D...
said Feb 1, 2013
only problem i have with this map is the bug that only allows for d for completion, would be great if that could be fixed
said Mar 7, 2013
This is probably one of the best maps on Atlas. I really liked what you did with the first area. It was sort of reminiscent of games like Limbo and World of Goo. It did make the dust a little hard to see, but it was well-placed, so missing it wasn't really an issue.

The only thing that actually bothered me substantially was the completion bug that everyone pointed out. Did you design it that way, or is it really a bug?
said Mar 22, 2014
It is kind of a bug, but not quite:
I was building this map on a pre-editor build which made it possible to SS this map.
However, with the release of the editor, another change under the hood was made:
dust, trash, goo and so on that is placed in a background layer now counts as "stuff to clean".
This wasn't the case back when I made this map, so I could add trash in the background easily. If i had known about it beforehand, I could have changed that, but now... well... too bad :(

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