by Spiraler
created Jul 25, 2022
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map notes
This map was made for DLC 3 week 2. Music by zibums. Gameplay/art by Zkyhawk and Zpiraler. Replay script by Zaandaa probably. Playtesting and other help by Zasha (cora presidenta), ZeFallingLotus, zAntiHoonz, and ZarbitraryAsian.

I guess this is my second tetris map. Though it has nothing to do with my other tetris map. This map was made as a sequel to jiztol found here https://atlas.dustforce.com/8538/jiztol by ibums.

There are three (3) apples and the gimmick is probably apple SS if it's not then I would have removed this part of the sentence.

Thank you :)
edited Jul 26, 2022

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said Aug 1, 2022
I wish this map had a sequel :\

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