by Submohr
created Nov 13, 2012
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map notes
reupload so you have to actually play the map instead of just standing still and dying.  sorry about that.

this isn't a traditional map.  the goal is still to SS, but... the means are different.

don't get hit.  also, killing the guys in your room ends the level - so don't clear both of them out early.  the idea is to build your combo while avoiding damage.  difficulty curve is probably pretty vertical - either it's way hard and you can't do it at all, or it's kind of tedious because it's so easy.  

i'm not sure many other maps actually test your ability to avoid taking damage - typically the best way to respond to an enemy is to kill it before it can hit you.  

hopefully someone finds this enjoyable/interesting - i personally think it's less interesting than i initially thought it was going to be, but maybe there was a better implementation of the idea that i missed.

unfortunately, by the nature of the map, any% run is pretty easy/boring/short.  i originally had victory condition tied to every entity, but you could start the 'game' by killing the garbagemen in your room and then fairly freely racking up combo - to combat that i removed victory condition on everything but the men in the room, forcing the original gameplay but removing the possibility for a fun any% run.  soz.


said Nov 13, 2012
Warping dustbins hell yeah!
said Nov 13, 2012
This is a really neat tactical level by the way - I didn't expect it to be holding this many different strategies (for something which is basically just a straight block with enemies).
said Nov 14, 2012
thanks ^^ i like seeing what kind of 'non-dustforce' levels you can make within dustforce - things which aren't just run through the stage and collect all the dust.  i think the traditional levels will always be the most fun because that's the way the game/engine was made, but this are hopefully not awful and it's fun seeing what you can do ^^

i wish the dustbins weren't killable but i'm not sure how to put them in a position that can attack the player without making them also attackable.  

i MAY make another map like this in the future if i can figure out how to make the whole thing cleaner,

actually it just occurred to me that i could have made two victory condition flags and connected one to each of the garbagemen to prevent the player from killing either of them during play.  combo kill both simultaneously so you win but killing either one would end game.

but that alone doesn't warrant remaking i think
said Jun 28, 2023
looks like such a shitpost on first load in.  But actually fun to find a solution

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