Hollow Elegy

by BigDiesel
created Mar 6, 2022
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map notes
Older Diesel here, writing a map description since I noticed I forgot to do one when I uploaded this:  
Made this map for Custom Map Jam 3, which had the theme "Waves". I was struggling with ideas for the level, when one of my friends brought up the idea of attacks shooting out "cleaning waves" (as he called them). After some further brainstorming and a lot of scripting, I ended up with this level!

Making the script was surprisingly difficult, since before making this map I didn't really understand how attacks worked. I had assumed that the attack hitboxes would do the heavy lifting when it came to cleaning dust and dustblocks, but it turns out those functions aren't related to the hitboxes at all so the handling for that would have to be custom (that's why there aren't any dustblocks in this map, since I never coded in how to handle those). Pretty happy with how the script turned out though, and I think the attack waves are super fun to play with.

As for the level style, I just threw together a quick underground mineshaft-y design in the last hour, with some signs made of various props to point towards where you should be attacking. Not the prettiest level I've ever made, but it looks good for a jam map and people had nice things to say about it. The map name is a reference to the "Grubberfly's Elegy" charm from Hollow Knight, which similarly adds waves to your attacks.

Attack wave script can be found at https://github.com/bigdiesel2m/dustforce-scripts/blob/main/waves.as , with the prototype version used on this map being this version: https://github.com/bigdiesel2m/dustforce-scripts/blob/a07f648e81947ed1e8704119099ea5ac0a35d5e0/waves.as
edited Aug 3, 2022


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