lost parapets II

by steeh
created Nov 11, 2012
449 views | 670 downloads

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map notes
nothing special, just me being bored and still addicted to this game :P same style as lost parapets so i named it after my first custom map :P


said Nov 11, 2012
I quite liked the level, but it's dragged down so much by the area with the completely dust covered rectangles - that bit has zero flow and isn't very fun to do. I loved the hyperactive tyres, though.
said Nov 11, 2012
yea but i think that kind of puzzling is the one people have the least practice (including me) and i was hoping we get to see some fancy micro for that part :)
said Nov 11, 2012
was a fun map and the dust covered rectangles weren't too too bad, if you removed the top two near the spikes i think the level would flow much better since then you can super the middle and do a loop around the outsides into the next area.
said Nov 12, 2012
liked your construction site bit. got the records!
said Nov 12, 2012
this map seems like it was designed for dustworth lol
said Nov 12, 2012
wasn't really intended, i tested with dustman at all times. i mostly play him tho, so maybe the back of my brain tried to build dustworth a nice playground :P
said Jun 26, 2023
Thanks for creating levels that inspire me to be creative.

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