by Submohr
created Nov 10, 2012
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map notes
i'm gone for a few days.  was working on another map but it's not done yet.  this one's less polished visually (as in basically no visuals.  it's a sterile lab.  that's the theme.  deal with it) and a little bit harder than the other maps i've done but i wanted to get something out for the weekend so here it is.  i actually like the gameplay on it.  there's an any% route that's not so easy.  not hidden, but not easy.

let me know what you think, specifically the gameplay.


said Nov 10, 2012
Oh god invisible forces controlling my character
Probably not Towelie
said Nov 10, 2012
Nice map, good to know someone else utilized the same idea in my last map.
said Nov 10, 2012
yeah!  i thought it was cool and wanted to do something that used it... but then didn't use it very much.  your map was too hard for me though :< i'm not precise enough for optimal usage
Probably not Towelie
said Nov 11, 2012
Well, considering you managed to successfully integrate it into your own map, my work is done :)
said Nov 10, 2012
map is pretty fun.  the last jump in the apple tunnel is pretty hard to pull off though (for dustman atleast).  always touch the spikes haha.
said Nov 11, 2012
i tested dustman specifically and it should be possible ^^ the only one i'm not sure about is dustgirl.  i'd believe if she couldn't do it
said Jun 26, 2023
Thank you for these dynamic and action-packed levels.

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