minecraft adventure

by b̷̒͘e̶̓́č̶͑um̶̒͘
created Jan 23, 2022
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map notes
pretty new at the game, and I haven't played much in the past few months. I thought a good way to get back at it is to make my first map! I think its pretty cool because its like minecraft (hopefully i did an ok job making it feel like that)
I kept having this problem where the game wouldnt let me click on enemies and delete them so there are a bunch to the left sorry :(. I couldn't figure out what the h*ck i should do for a camera either it never looked good so this kind of ended up just being more of an art project instead of making a map (lol)


said Jan 23, 2022
can anyone tell me how to delete enemies? clicking on them wont let me select them it does nothing
said Jan 23, 2022
You need to have the entity you want to delete selected in the editor. So if you want to delete a gargoyle, you need to click the entities tab, and then the gargoyle, and then right click the gargoyle you want to delete. Alternatively you can use the selection tool, and set it to only select entities. Then click and drag and hit delete on your keyboard.
said Jan 23, 2022
Thanks Fimbz!
I'm going to upload another version of this without all the enemies

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