Tunnel Snake

by Submohr
created Nov 6, 2012
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map notes
My dustforce got rid of all its files.  Time to start making backups but all my maps-in-progress are gone :< so this is a quickie that resembles one i had waiting for decor but is considerably simpler/shorter.  the main gimmick is the 'snaking' path - i think those are fun and the other level had a few of them that chained together.  

the first mob isn't as smooth as i'd like.  there's an any% route that isn't exactly hidden but probably isn't all that easy either.  decor is boring because i'm sad about losing my files.  :<

this is a reupload because i somehow managed to delete the victory condition before uploading the first one


said Nov 6, 2012
Players don't gain control until after hitting the ground at spawn... the editor lets you take control sooner, I think, are you intended to be unable to boost off that spawn drop?

Not bad, very sparse though
said Nov 6, 2012
thanks for that, i didn't realize the editor played differently from the actual game (i guess it's nicer for testing segments of the level) - i thought i was just bad on my actual runs.  you're definitely supposed to be able to boost the first drop and it slows the level down since you can't.
said Nov 6, 2012
When testing a level, if you restart using the restart button (not pressing tab), you'll see the "1,2,3, Let's Dust!"  This'll help, especially if your character starts out in the air!

Man, you're a level creating BEAST!  I've noticed that you haven't done anything with the camera, yet.  Try it out; it's not as hard as you might think and it can really help make levels flow more naturally and direct player movement! :D
said Nov 6, 2012
i experimented with camera a LITTLE bit in adventure prototype but i haven't really figured it out yet.  i'll try to figure it out tonight.  

the restart thing explains why i thought i was bad - i could get a boost off in testing sometimes but couldn't in actually playing it and just thought i was bad and inconsistent - i guess it just wasn't possible ^^ sorry i'll keep that in mind

the recent levels i made were kind of tests but i think i'll try to culminate them into one actual level soonish.  i'm not sure about length though - i don't know what a 'good sized' level is.  

thanks for the tip for testing - i think i'll probably just start most levels on a small platform from now on though to give the player a bit more control in their first movements
said Nov 6, 2012
Another useful tip:
You can copy levels from C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dustforce\user\levels to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dustforce\user\level_src and open them up in the editor.  Then you can see stuff other people have done first hand.  You can also look at the levels from the main game and even save the fog filters for your own use!
said Nov 7, 2012
It's how I figured out a lot of the way that the editor works and how various things you can do work.  You can also copy the Dev made levels from C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dustforce\content\levels2 to the same folder as SubparFiddle instructed for user made maps.

The "levels" folder also in the "content" folder isn't the one that the game looks to for the playable levels (it doesn't have any of the latest difficult levels), though if you copy that folder first then "levels2" you'll be able to find a lot of interesting level concepts that the devs either scrapped altogether or changed significantly.
said Nov 7, 2012
These comments helped immensely, not only in that i can now look at in game levels and figure out camera effects/others, but because the data i lost was stored in /content/user/level_src and i got a few incomplete maps back (including the base version of this one, which i was a bit fond of)

time to go poking around some dev maps!  thanks!
said Nov 7, 2012
Feel free to ask about anything you're unfamiliar with; There should be at least someone who knows what the heck they're doing around here...
said Nov 7, 2012
What's good about opening the stock and other people's maps is that you can also save the fog settings, giving you a base to go from if you want a particular vibe for your map.
said Nov 7, 2012
Tunnel Snakes Rule!
said Nov 7, 2012
I can show you a REAL tunnel snake
said Nov 7, 2012
The map would be fine if it wasn't for 2 quasi random factors. At the beginning of the map when mashing dash you sometimes go faster sometimes slower. The ending part is a bit weird due to the snake path, at times when I would try to dash forward my characters would go the other way :S.
said Nov 10, 2012
That's us... and we RULE!
said Jun 26, 2023
Thanks for creating levels that inspire me.

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