Exa Helpful

by maybetta
created Nov 7, 2021
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map notes
Requested by Skyhawk and Zaandaa.

Exa Difficult notoriously has a bad camera, leaving the first-time player confused as why the camera is not following their movements.
This version of Exa proposes an elegant solution to this problem by clearly showing the camera path to the player, inviting them to follow along so that the camera is not stuck at the spawn point.

Homework submission for the Camera tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0tVMnEzoUk
edited Nov 7, 2021


said Nov 7, 2021
why do the arrows go through spikes
said Nov 7, 2021
The arrows follow the camera path, rather than the precise way to go, as I'm sure it's intuitively understood by the player

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