by jdude0822
created Nov 2, 2021
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map notes
Updated with some fixes and additional features? That maybe broke it more? Who knows I didnt test this.
New "Features"
1. Replays work (hopefully) or they at least should work much much better
2. More colors, now expanded to the 48 crayon box
3. Some lag reduction was implemented. Should get better framerate on this version theoretically but...
4. Made the pixel size smaller, which hits the performance again. This should allow you to make more detailed drawings, still nothing crazy small but it is indeed smaller!
5. Added color fill functionality when you middle click. This is somewhat janky. The area it selects to fill is based off the TOP LEFT CORNER of your brush.
6. Added animation feature. This should let you have multiple canvases and create animations. Click the Play! button to play the animation. Upon level end, the animation will play automatically. This means if you want to only have 1 drawing, be sure there is only 1 canvas created

Idk there are probably some other things i forgot. Anyway,

Thanks to basically everyone for helping during my stream with this.
Sound effects are by me,
music is by Ibums.
UI elements created by C and tweaked for the map.
Colors are by Crayola


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