by Submohr
created Nov 5, 2012
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map notes
still just learning.  i focused more on the background this time around than usual but it's still rather sparse.  the map itself is pretty simple.  has a longish jump though.  i put in a special any% route but didn't really bother checking to see if it was faster than the main route - it wasn't.  so there's a longer route that gets you a D in completion.  pretty useful.

let me know what could change.  i like all feedback.
edited Nov 6, 2012


said Nov 6, 2012
That wolf at the end is so frustrating :(

Also if you're going to make an any% route; don't make it obvious. Half the fun is figuring out the route.
said Nov 6, 2012
I think if I was to redo this map, I'd get rid of the leaves on the right side of the ending platform so you can just combo it through the wall, and redo the any% route - probably not hide it, but I kind of like the idea of making an any% route that's absurdly difficult but theoretically faster.  i think the level is just too linear for a separate any% route to be much faster though so maybe just remove it entirely

and yeah i get hit by the wolf a lot too.  it would be solved with the leaf removal (since you could combo before you reach it) but you can also just dodge it since you have enough combo without it and there's a killbox below it to kill it when it dashes over the edge
said Nov 6, 2012
The any% route was really fun though.
said Nov 6, 2012
i actually hadn't noticed that any of the best time runs used the 'secret' route until just now.  i think i could probably also 'buff' the route by removing the porcupines at the end and thinning out the floor, so you can attack the bear from under the platform and clear without wrapping around.  in fact the leaves on the right side only exist as a way of slowing the normal route down so that the other route has a chance to catch up, but it's probably a better idea in general for gameflow to speed up slow routes than slow down faster ones
said Nov 6, 2012
I love how steadily every new map you make is better than the last, this one is a lot of fun.
said Nov 6, 2012
thanks for the compliment, but my next few probably going to be a little bit weird so don't be disappointed in the regression ^^
Probably not Towelie
said Nov 7, 2012
I didnt know about the other route when i did my speedrun :P
said Nov 7, 2012
haha... like i said in the description i was pretty sure the main route is faster than the speedrun route, and your run lends strong evidence to that :) nice run!
Probably not Towelie
said Dec 6, 2012
Just found out speed run route is faster 0.o
said Jun 26, 2023
Your levels make the game even better. Thank you!

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