Fall Free

by Submohr
created Nov 4, 2012
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map notes
the concept was 'level where you never land.'  there's actually a few landing spots in the end though; i threw in a small side passage for an any% run, and there's some places to land at the end to allow the player to get to the victory platform if they wanted.  for the most part, though, no landing.  this is a reupload because the first one had the player spawn on the far right of the spawning platform; 1-2 seconds of running every death on a level with a lot of deaths isn't all that fun, i think.  sorry to those who downloaded the old one.  (i also moved the flag a bit over so any% runs can't just kill the flag from the spawn side)

it wasn't entirely intentional that there were no checkpoints but that's the consequence of a level with no platforms.
edited Nov 6, 2012


said Nov 5, 2012
This level is very challenging, but in a kinda unusual way. I like it!
said Nov 6, 2012
I'm glad to hear it!  Was there anything about the level you particularly didn't like/thought could be improved?  This is one of my first maps and I'm not actually good enough at the game to clear it in one go so it's hard for me to figure out if it's actually fun or not.
said Nov 5, 2012
I think it's fun! I liked it much more than your "April" level.
said Nov 6, 2012
Yeah, I'm not entirely satisfied with April either (the concept was a looping level but it flopped ) - i think a few small things like starting on a platform and an adjustment of the lower shaft and upper loop could make it a whole lot better, but still pretty lacking.  If you wouldn't mind, what did you like/dislike about this level though?  Feedback would help me understand more about what makes a good map :)
said Nov 5, 2012
I'm just making levels and learning from experience ^^ I thought this level was too hard without being satisfying enough since it took a while for a leaderboard to even exist (I'm not good enough at the game to clear it myself, I just tested it in segments to make sure it was possible ^^)

If you have any critiques let me know, I'm mainly just trying to improve by watching peoples' replays and figuring out what works and doesn't work - it lets me know what's smooth and what isn't, but not quite what's fun and what isn't.  Thanks!
said Nov 6, 2012
Super Administrator
Pretty good level, it's just realllly hard.  But that's fine :)
said Nov 11, 2012
Great level and I give huge props to the people that cleared it.  Reminds me of Abyss and Backup Shift.  Good work :D.
said Nov 29, 2012
Got around to playing this level and it's quite fun.  Reminds me a bit of Tera Difficult, although I'm terrible (tera-ble?) at that level, haha.
said Jun 26, 2023
Thanks for creating levels that inspire me.

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