Tetris 40L Sprint

by Spiraler
created Sep 30, 2021
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map notes
Dustmod required, the level is basically all script. This levels goes out to all the tetris fans out there.

The goal is simple. Clear 40 lines as fast as you can. All you have to do is use the following controls (be ready to rebind even I have to rebind):
Move left and right: left and right movement in game, simple enough.
Soft drop: aka making your piece go down that's down movement in game.
Hard drop: instantly drop the piece as far as it can go and lock it in place, this is up movement in game.
Rotation: to rotate left (counter-clockwise) press light, to rotate right (clockwise) press heavy. To make your piece do a 180 press jump.
Hold: if you don't like your current piece and want to save it for later press dash.

The order of the pieces is based on a random seed determined by what time you start the level at and is then saved for the replay. If you want to see how it works and/or use it in your own level, that part of the script is at https://github.com/Spiraler/Dustmod-Scripts/blob/main/SeedGenerator.as

Big thanks to skyhawk for the idea for the above seed generation and with reading player inputs, as well as msg and jdude for helping me with general scripting stuff.

Sound effects are from TGM3 and Puyo Puyo Tetris.
edited Sep 30, 2021


said Sep 30, 2021
Tetris time
said Sep 30, 2021
Finally a map where all characters are seen as equals.
said Sep 30, 2021
I was considering having different handling settings for each character so it's more accessible to different playstyles but I decided not to for a bunch of reasons that I won't get into here but know that there is an alternate universe where I did that. Of course dustgirl would have been just straight up my tetrio settings (or as close as you can get since my das is 6.5f).
said Oct 1, 2021
spirale MonkaOMEGA
said Oct 2, 2021
Love this

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