Dustforce Arcade

by AvengedRuler
created Sep 9, 2021
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map notes
You finally make it to the arcade and go to begin your work.  Upon inspection of the top arcade screen, you find there is no dust.  While coming to this realization you get transported into the game and must find a way out.

This was a project I started around the time of the last competition, starting with a simple concept and expanding the idea with a script (this was around the time of advent of code 2020, so I was wanting new scripting projects).  As explained in the tutorial, the map determines a seed based on your actions in aa starting room and uses that to build the rest of the level.

Having this concept and a reasonable idea for this map, Zaandaa suggested I make it into a nexus to introduce the concept better, which is where the PRNG Nexus came from.

Special thanks to Skyhawk, and Kau without whom this would not have been possible.  You both did an incredible amount of work on this project, and I really can’t imagine where I would be at without either of you.

Thanks to Eponn and Temp for nexus playtesting on early iterations.

Thanks to msg555 and C who worked on the tools to make this all possible.

I do not currently have a github but the script is available upon request.  I plan to do a generalization project on it, but you can probably make it work in its current form.

Apple hunters have fun.

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