Island Afloat

by toad180
created Nov 3, 2012
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island normal

map notes
A basic level


said Nov 3, 2012
Needs a lot more work, playtest your level before publishing it.
said Nov 3, 2012
It would be nice if there was some more detail added to the map.  Put in some background stuff to make the level more interesting and put in some cameras to focus the play through the level.  Another possible idea is putting in something to indicate that there are going to be some creatures that you are gonna have to destroy for the section where you are falling.  Of course this could be mitigated by having cameras that zoom out while your falling so that you can actually see whats coming.
said Nov 3, 2012
The route itself was ok but the map needs more detail.
said Nov 4, 2012
thanks. yeah, this was my first map so i didn't do as good as everyone else think I should because i don't really know how to do much :/
said Nov 4, 2012
I thought it was pretty fun - the only tricky part was recovering from that fall through the leaf blocks.

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