Dust 2

by Spiraler
created Jul 15, 2021
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map notes
More like Dustforce 2 lmao.

It's an anti-eco round for your team, the terrorists, should be a free win right? Your teammates are rushing B but you have decided to lurk long. Unfortunately numb-nuts Nick, the entry fragger, forgot to check car and some kid on the other team got a free deagle 4k. So now it's up to you to pick up the pieces and get the ace clutch. Well you don't really have to ace I guess, if you just kill the B defenders and the guy in mid the other two will probably just save. To make it that much more frustrating, Nick even called clutch or kick, what a dickhead!

Make sure to have sound effects volume on, as jdude worked very hard on the sound effect script used in this level. Also it was his idea to make the enemies porcs so thank/blame him for that.


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