Sylphs Run

by madmaxgee
created Apr 8, 2021
326 views | 459 downloads

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map notes
A nice mountain climb.


said Apr 9, 2021
I played and grinded most of your maps and all of them have the same issues here are some suggestions, just my opinion you can ignore them if you like:
1 - Keep the camera size between 900-1400 anything bigger than that makes it hard to see your character, small movements, edges etc.
2 - Make sure back ground and playable area are easily distinguishable. Easy way to do this try to keep all back ground layers and sky in similar colors and layer 18-19 slightly different or not colored at. In this map some back ground layers are close to layer 19 and some of them exact opposite which makes it so hard to pick what's solid.
3 - If you use props as solid ground make sure it's really close to the actual shape of the tiles.
said Apr 10, 2021
Im in the same boat as eponn. I really like your maps for their visuals and fresh gameplay from the most of atlas. However it is definitley harder then it needs to be to tell whats solid and what is not. Theres almost too much "noise" which is only furtherd by the zoomed out camera. More zoomed in camera and better layer coloring and its a really good map.

Keep up the good work! Fun stuff
said Apr 11, 2021
Thank you both for the constructive criticism, I appreciate it

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