Sunrise Sprint

by madmaxgee
created Jan 19, 2021
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map notes
Midnight Dash's brother. Was gonna call it Dusk Run v2, but that didn't really fit once I had finished it. Enjoy!
retagged Jan 19, 2021


said Jan 19, 2021
Gameplay everything felt good. However there were many points the layers became very convoluted. I couldn't tell what layer I was suppose to stand on or I randomly ran up a wall because it blended too well. I also didn't like how certain section you used dustblocks and if you failed to make a jump you were kind of "locked out" from trying it till you reset/died. Which leads into another problem i think this map faced was that if you missed a jump there wasn't an easy way backup or to just die and restart at the checkpoint. Better placed spikes or access backup would have helped. I thought the level was actually well crafted, just some minor complaints
said Jan 19, 2021
yeah makes sense, ill try my best to make layers more distinct and improve dustblock parts. Thanks!

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