by iskarte
created Sep 22, 2020
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easy shortish

map notes
collaborative map with my sister! she placed random blocks and i built it in to a level, then she did the art and i mostly just fixed it up from there, hopefully it all works okay! sorry about the lag/visibility issues, i did what i could (with a lot of help!) to clear things up~

thanks so much to jvcpro, lgb, delo, alexspeedy and jdude0822 for help with testing, i don't know if this would ever be released without y'all! i think this might be both the first and last collab i do, it was a huge mess lol
edited Jun 22, 2021


said Sep 22, 2020
Looks amazing but it's really really hard to see dust spikes and where to land in some places
said Sep 22, 2020
ahaha, yeah... i didn't really want to change what she did, just try my best to fix it/make it playable, 'cause this was more just something we worked on together for fun and i released for catharsis, rather than a map that was intended to be played by others, if that makes sense? i'm really sorry!
said Sep 22, 2020
Damn, I haven't looked at this yet, but that thumbnail is sick.
said Sep 23, 2020
Really cool map. Would love to see more from team iskarte. Definite visibility issues, but also really pretty map so looking real close to find the spikes wasn't the worst task haha.
said Sep 23, 2020
it's so pretty
but it would be nice to have the things important to gameplay stand out a little more

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