Sparkle Mountain

by mister__simon
created Sep 5, 2020
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map notes
Dustforce 2020 Summer Map Competition Submission

Visuals inspired by this song: - recommended listening and all that.
Had to rush to get the visuals done so it's a little all over the place, but I think they turned out fairly well anyway.

Good luck to the rest of the competition folks. Very cool stuff!


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said Sep 12, 2020
You for sure captured the visuals of the song lol.  I do think the map was a BIT too glittery though.  The super intense glitter paired with very vibrant colors distracted from gameplay in some spots, and made reading the map more difficult than it should have been.  I do think it was manageable, and I respect the design though.  Having enemies be dark blue and in red circles helped a TON in terms of figuring out where to go, so good call there.  Some of the totem and wolf gameplay was a bit iffy in terms of knowing where deathzomes were on a first playthrough.  Sometimes if a totem or wolf fell down, I didnt really know if it hit a deathzone or not so I had to end up using the editor to verify if they died in certain spots or not.  This wasnt a huge issue, but I could see it being frustrating to people.  The camera in some spots was wild, but it worked perfectly so I will not judge.  

The biggest complaint I have is that the spikes blend in with the foreground too much.  Won't go into too much detail on that one because I'm sure you know the deal on that.

Overall I really liked the level.  The colors were crazy and the gameplay was fun.  I enjoyed this one.

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