Drop Temple

by msg555
created Sep 5, 2020
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map notes
Dustforce 2020 Summer Map Competition Submission

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said Sep 12, 2020
This level was cool.  Was a bit too hard for me, but that isn't a bad thing.  I like the apple that you up light to get onto that ceiling at the start.  Not sure why it amused me so much I'm sure it has been in other levels, but idk I haven't played many older customs.  The secret was pretty sick too.  

Only complaints were:
1. visually the map was a bit plain, which I am sure is partially due to the secret
2. the little triangle bit you jump off was really hard to see.  I think you added the cloth there to try and make it easier to see, but perhaps a light prop or something else like that would have worked better.  I could have just been blind, but that was my experience.

Pretty sick level.

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