Acro Ascent

by madmaxgee
created Sep 2, 2020
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map notes
just a map i made inspired by the acropark and crystal cave levels


said Sep 3, 2020
I can't figure out which way i'm supposed to go
said Sep 3, 2020
yeah sorry about that, it's my first level, so the flow of it is a bit janky. thanks for the feedback
said Sep 4, 2020
You seem to have a pretty good understanding of the editor for a first map! Nice work.
said Sep 5, 2020
I think the only thing missing in order to give the player more direction is a camera path. there's only a few spots where the level kind of switchbacks where it's maybe a bit confusing to realize you shouldn't continue forward. If there were a camera path, the camera could sort of stop at the edges of gameplay, so if the player tries to continue forward the camera wouldnt follow them, and would quickly realize their mistake.

Apart from that, very good level! Nice use of different tile types for background elements. If you're ever looking for help learning to use cameras (or just want to chat about the game!) consider joining the discord!
said Sep 12, 2020
Cool level.  You should for sure join the discord server and hang out in the mapmaking channel.  There are lots of cool people there who can help out with mapmaking.  I will leave one point of feedback here and that is for your checkpoints, try to put them so the flagpole is slightly in the ground, and the flag is flying in the direction the player would want to be moving after respawining at that checkpoint (use the arrow keys to flip the flag direction.  This makes it so when someone respawns, they do so on the ground, and facing the correct direction.  It might sound like a small thing, but it makes a world of difference.
said Sep 15, 2020
yeah thanks a lot dude! ill definitely consider joining the discord and making more maps. I appreciate the comment

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