Oop and Aboot Remix

by DrPhineas
created Oct 8, 2012
367 views | 670 downloads

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map notes
Fixed some issues that people mentioned in the previous version.
As listed:
Shifted camera for secret so that until you enter it the camera doesn't change
Zoomed out camera at last checkpoint
Added camera points for ledges that weren't visible with previous cameras
Removed Layer 20 at the last checkpoint
Added more spikes at last checkpoint to make it more obvious what is coming
Made the drop into the last checkpoint 90 degrees so that it is easier to control falling

Previous version: http://atlas.dustforce.com/999/oop-and-aboot

Thanks to KrackoCloud, Tinker, and SubparFiddle for the help.


said Oct 8, 2012
Much better!  One thing I noticed is the fog transition at the very start of the map.  If you save while focused on a different filter, it will default to that one before transitioning to the one that you place at the start.  

It's not a big deal and I'm sure that most will not even notice.  It inadvertently happened to me on my map "Maelstrom", and the effect there is very noticeable.
said Oct 8, 2012
I see.  I couldn't figure out why it was doing that.  Thanks :)
said Oct 8, 2012
The fall section is much better, and I still love the beginning, but I dislike the aerial leafrunning; the blocks are too long, making it easy to miss the first or last, and getting enough height off the second wall to stick to the bottom of the next two is difficult.  Also, zoomed in camera in midair sections is generally not good.

Still, a lot of fun overall.
said Oct 9, 2012
The secret tree spot I accidently fell into was nice :D
said Oct 9, 2012
The camera is a bit too zoomed in at times but overall it was good.
said Oct 9, 2012
Very cool map :)
said Oct 9, 2012
took first for now with a really bad run (funny spike walk included :P).  Definitely a fun map.  Agree that the camera needs to be zoomed out a little though.

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