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About: Research paper outlines, even on being one the most useful tools for research paper writing, are used only by a few students. As research outlines are not a part of the final documents, many students consider it a complete waste of time and choose to omit it. There are others who omit it only because they are not sure of how it must be prepared. But if you take a look at some good examples of outlines for research paper assignments, you will be able to see how it works and learn how to prepare it.
There are two types of outlines which are commonly used for academic writing. You will be able to find examples of outlines for research paper assignments in both formats. You have the liberty to choose any one which you are comfortable with. As the outline need not be submitted, it does not matter as to which format you use. All that matters is that the chosen format is comprehensible to you and that it works to help you organize those points which can confuse you. Going through a good example of outline for research paper would be quite helpful in understanding the concept of an outline.
Using the outline format based on the research paper structure
Research papers have various components which work as the building blocks of the paper. You may prepare your outline with respect to this structure. As per this format, you will be placing the points into the various components of the paper. Remember to study the guidelines to find out which all optional components needs to be included. The mandatory components are:
1.    The title page
2.    The introduction
3.    The thesis statement
4.    The body paragraphs
5.    The conclusion
6.    The bibliography