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About: Nonprofit Apps: Our Favorite Mobile Apps to Increase Impact

Phones are critical parts of our day-to-day paintings, serving as conversation gadgets and cell workstations for the duration of the day. According to analyze corporation Dscout, Americans contact their cell telephones 2,617 times a day. This list of useful nonprofit apps will hopefully guide some of your cellular touches to more efficient and smarter activities that assist your organization.

Nonprofit Apps for Events

1. Eventbrite app

What is it: Eventbrite.Com lets in you to create activities for something you want, and the app then offers you an event management interface to check in guests.

How to use it for good: Create a main EventBrite account for your company, and use the app to better utilize volunteers for activities. The app also lets in you to save additional info for attendees in addition to day-of registration. So while that line builds up at your next occasion, believe what 10 volunteers with the app on their smartphone may want to do…

2. Paypal app

What is it: Paypal.Com has an app that helps you to technique payments on the spot, and you could order a credit score card swipe that can be added to your cellphone.

How to apply it for good: Have body of workers/volunteers floating around at your occasions with the Paypal app — in the intervening time there's a call to movement to give, casting off friction within the giving process can suggest the distinction of numerous money. Mobile raffle ticket sales can also be done without difficulty this way, and centrally tracked at events.

3. CamCard

What is it: CamCard is a business card scanning and reader tool.
How to use it for good: Use this app at your subsequent nonprofit conference/event and make sure your team of workers is using it, too. The app allows you to take notes and then log on to export the gadget read info into contacts, which could then be imported to a CRM close to you.

4. Ink Cards

What is it: Ink Cards is an app that permits you to ship customized postcards to people with a photograph.

How to use it for good: While Ink Cards is by and large used for thank you playing cards around weddings and babies, the app is actually brilliant flexible. Imagine sending custom designed follow-up notes with pics of your impact to humans that you meet or are even questioning of. Addresses, custom cards, and contacts can be centrally managed through an online portal. Next time you’re journeying back from a assembly, use that point to send a message that you know your supporters will read.

Nonprofit Apps for Productivity

5. Asana app

What is it: Asana.Com is an first rate undertaking management device that has an app that lets you live on pinnacle of the paintings your team is doing.

How to apply it for good: Asana is one of our favorite and most essential nonprofit apps for productivity. Once all your departments are the use of the tool, the app becomes loads extra powerful for venture accounting. The app also can be used to control volunteers if the paintings requires greater undertaking management.

6. Google Keep

What is it: Google Keep is Google’s answer to Evernote and other observe taking apps. Nice in case you already use Google Apps on your organization, and unfastened for nonprofits: google.Com/nonprofits.

How to apply it for good: Use it to take notes at conferences or to file testimonies with pics/video/text while inside the subject. The app keeps the notes personal to your system or network. When you return to the office, you may access all your notes online.

7. Evernote

What is it: Evernote is a main notice taking tool.
How to apply it for good: Record data and stories from stakeholders inside the field.

Use Evernote for assembly notes and to follow-up afterwards. This is plenty more secure than that pocket book with vital notes in it — even if you don’t want to ditch the notebook, you could take a image of your notes after each meeting to better document statistics and ideas.

8. Zoom app

What is it: Zoom is a main video conferencing app that offers with buffering with minimal loss to connection.

How to apply it for good: The app lets you make video calls inside the discipline and while on the move. You also can use it to record video walkthroughs throughout trainings or orientations. Whole Whale often information our trainings with clients, who then use those Zoom recordings for potential building efforts and onboarding. There is also the opportunity of doing webinars with the cellphone in the case of hard-to-reach speakers.

9. Slack app

What is it: Slack is a closed network communication tool for teams.
How to use it for good: Use the app to paintings with volunteers and body of workers at the same time as within the subject. Better than email, the shared communications let anyone see the repute of paintings, and communique threads are plenty extra fluid. The Whole Whale team also uses channels like #Impact to percentage wins we've with clients, which helps connect all and sundry to our mission.

Education Apps for Social Impact

10. Google Analytics app

What is it: Google.Com/analytics has poured large resources into making the cell app for this superb, unfastened, internet analytics device.
How to use it for good: Create dashboards that display how humans are using your educational sources, to song volunteer registration, or to analyze donation trends. The real-time features of the app can show you if you have a surge of interest that would require attention.

11. Headspace

What is it: Headspace is a meditation app.
How to apply it for good: A clear mind will assist you do more good, especially if your team deals with emotionally extreme stakeholders or challenge matter. The records have proven that even 10 minutes will have a massive effect on productivity.