by Maddy_
created Aug 22, 2020
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low gravity map concept

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said Aug 23, 2020
Honestly, while the map is gimmicky, its actually pretty fun.  I know there is a general community kneejerk reaction to low gravity maps after the cmr, but I think this was well designed.  Most sections give you spots where you can retry at least once instead of feeling hopeless after making one mistake.  The apple flying section is pretty cool/fun.

I think overall this feels much less frustrating than the CMR low gravity map.  This is for 3 reasons.
1) The start got you into the "action" much quicker
2) You made geometry which allowed for retries on most sections of the map.  Especially on gimmicky maps where people aren't used to the mechanics
3) Being able to dash honestly

Anyway thanks for the buffer, sad slish couldnt get 10k :\

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