by eponnn
created Jul 31, 2020
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edited Aug 1, 2020

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said Aug 4, 2020
Fantastic map visually.  Making browns and dark colors look good together is always impressive to me.  Super cool that you are embracing all the great stuff the dustmod editor offers to make great looking maps.  I remember when you mentioned you were avoiding doing background art due to being worried about messing it up, but I think its safe to say that you have learned quickly.  The background on both of your CMR maps is super cool and detailed, it adds so much to the visual presentation.  

Gameplay wise, the map is interesting.  It has lots of really cool ideas and intended strats, but I do think this one pulls back the reins on the player a bit too much when they are trying to go fast.  Its hard to strike a balance, and I wont go too much more into detail because you were around for the discussion with everyone during stream.  

The one thing I wanted to call out here (just so others dont) is the camera at the slope under the 3 turkeys probably needed some adjustment to telegraph that you were intended to take the slope again.

Other than that, really fantastic map.  Keep making maps PLEASE.

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