Sky City

by lgb
created Jul 30, 2020
345 views | 418 downloads

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/ 1 vote

map notes
As usual, thx Skyhawk for playtesting
idea: delo
edited Aug 1, 2020


said Aug 4, 2020
Interesting map.  Looked pretty nice and was a cool idea.  Couple of feedback points:

1. The clouds on layer 20 at the start did make the slopes a bit tricky to see.  Not sure how you could achieve the same visual effect while preserving easy visibility though so you would have to experiment or ask people for ideas.

2. This section here you probably should have just had the dust on the ceiling.  Many people (myself included) thought you would come back around to get the dust, when really, you intended for it to be collected with an attack.  You also possibly could have fixed this with a really good camera, but i dont think that would be worth the effort.

3.  While you might not have needed it, adding a camera makes a map look much nicer.  Free camera worked fine here, but I do think custom cameras really make maps look so much nicer.

4. Maybe in a future map, experiment with some fog triggers some more.  Try stealing a fog trigger from an existing stock or custom map and emulating the style.  Maybe tweak a few things to be your own.  I feel like you have a good potential to make some nice looking stuff.  Thanks for the map!
said Feb 16, 2021
good potential :)

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