by Delo
created Jul 25, 2020
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map notes
Map is purple yo

Made in like 2 hours ish

sucks anus

Edit: Forgot checkpoints exist. One shot it or you suck

Edit2: fuck you zaandaa, you blind fuck
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said Jul 27, 2020
For a quick 2 hour map this is pretty alright.  I enjoyed you leaving dust on most surfaces to lead the player where to go.  The particles and colors look super nice as well.  You were there for my main complaints, but I thought I would list them here anyway.  

1.  Lack of checkpoints.  This is probably the worst part of the map.  I wont go much further than saying it almost ruined it for me personally.
2.  Vision problems.  So I think you did a super good job on MOST of the level by having really easy to see bright purple/pink dust on places where you are supposed to go.   The big problem here is that I was almost 100% relying on the pink dust to tell me where is safe to go due to spikes and safe ground blending together too much.  This created 2 major problems gameplay wise.  The first is the dust on the wall that is intended to be attacked.  At a glance it seemed like you could safely touch the wall due to spike visibility, which can work, but is kind of awkward.  Its my fault for not figuring out your intention there, but I still think it was a bit misleading.  The 2nd problem is the end section.  There is a slanted wall with no dust on it (unlike basically all other safe surfaces in the level) that was super hard to see on my first playthrough.  I died upon reaching there because of that, and due to there being no checkpoints, I didnt have a chance to get a good look at it or to try it 2 or 3 times to figure out a strat without using the editor or going through the easy part of the level.  This made the level feel tedious instead of good to me at the time.  Looking back, it really wasn't that bad, but it sure didnt feel great at the time.

Overall I think this level is good, but not great.  I think visually its super nice, gameplay wise its super nice, but the lack of checkpoints and unfortunate ambiguity of safe ground and spikes really cut into the experience.  I was also disappointed because it seemed like this was a really nice level that with a very little bit of testing, could have been great.  I think thats the biggest reason I was upset about it.

I'm happy you made this map though because it really does look nice, and is fun to play once you figure it out.  It also maybe will help remind you in the future to use checkpoints.  It also had some cool visual ideas in it that I want to try out for some of my own maps, so thanks for posting and making it.
said Jul 27, 2020
i've seen purpler

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